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Coordenador de Operação de Mina Goias
Responsável por coordenar todo o processo de lavra de minério de nióbio da Unidade Nióbio, mantendo a motivação dos colaboradores, a fim de garantir as metas de produção de concentrado de nióbio/liga de ferro-nióbio.
Coordenador Infraestrutura Mina Minas Gerais
Coordenador Infraestrutura Mina
Principal Mining Engineer Best Practice Gauteng
To support the Centre, Mines and Projects through development of best work practices. The role supports Technical in initiating, developing and implementing simple non-negotiable Standards and Procedures in Anglo American Platinum operations and JV’s. This role is responsible for initiating, developing and implementing AAP strategy, standards and procedures
Project Manager Infrastructure Projects: Band 6 Gauteng
Overall responsibility for the Enabling Infrastructure portfolio is to provide the business with strategic assurance and safety, profitability and business planning management through internal and external alignment, economies of scale and effective stakeholder engagement and influence. The function is responsible for managing, through developmental partnerships, the risks associated with Enabling Infrastructure delivery. The function requires coordinating National Development Plan initiatives that align with AAP and AAplc strategy and support our communities thus providing a more effective social infrastructure delivery platform and in part mitigate possible socio political risks that impact our license to operate.
Mine Planner: Band 6 Tickenham Mine Hackney Shaft Internal Limpopo
The Mine Planner is responsible for the compilation of shaft short-term plans and will be required to run scenarios on the plans in an effort to optimise the exploitation of the lease area. The scenarios will be governed on input from his direct line management, the global parameters in liaison with the Planning Analyst The timeframe of the role will range from 1 year to LoL.
Shaft Surveyor: Band 6 Twickenham Mine Hackney Shaft Internal Limpopo
The Shaft Surveyor is responsible for managing the specialist Survey and Evaluation services and expertise at a Shaft. The work focus timeframe is 1 to 5 years but some plans may have a longer timeframe. In terms of the MSHA it is a 17.2 appointmentWORK
Shaft Ventilation Engineer: Band 6 Twickenham Mine Hackney Shaft Internal Limpopo
The Shaft Ventilation Engineer is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the overall Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene systems, programmes and department, as well as providing the Operational Area Management with the specialist Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene services and expertise, to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, to minimise pure risk and litigation and adverse publicity. The work focus timeframe is 1 to 5 years but some plans may have a longer timeframe
Train Driver Assistant: B4 Tumela Mine Internal Limpopo
The role will include the shunting and assistance of surface railway trains under supervision of the mentor, consisting of locomotives, wagons and hoppers with the highest possible level of safety and efficiency so as to ensure the success of the total surface railway operation at Anglo Platinum private railway siding.
Mine Accountant Mpumalanga
Mine Accountant Mpumalanga
Mine Accountant Mpumalanga
Técnico Manutenção III Minas Gerais
Técnico Manutenção Mecânica Preditiva
Analista de Meio Ambiente Sênior (Foco em Recursos Hídricos) Minas Gerais
Profissional que atuará na área de meio ambiente com foco em Recursos Hídricos.
Técnico Manutenção III Minas Gerais
Técnico Manutenção Mecânica Preditiva
Social Performance Administrator Limpopo
To assist in the collection, collation, analyses and reporting of all sources of social information, and to communicate this information to the appropriate roles in the business in accordance with policies and processes of AAP. The data will be provided through Enablon and other social information management systems developed by the Corporate Office. The data to be reported will be signed off by the most senior social performance manager on the team.
HRD Specialist Systems & Services: Band 6 Gauteng
This role is responsible for the execution of Human Resources Development services  This role is responsible to maintain, co-ordinate and optimise / enhance the usage of all the applicable HRD systems including Anglo American Platinum and Anglo American internal information systems as wells any applicable national governmental related systems (MQA MIS Systems).  The role needs to initiate appropriate interventions within operational HR/HRD to optimise the performance of the applicable HRD systems.  This role fulfils the functions of the alternative SDF (legal appointment).  This role fulfils the functions of group HRD reporting for all HRD legislative, Company and other reporting  National alignment, participation and influencing of HRIS / national / industry forums.  Ensures governance, alignment, standardisation and best practice in HR/HRD  Specification of new report requirements, system enhancements and testing of new reports and enhancements for both Anglo American Platinum and the Industry. 
HRD Specialist Process Training: Band 6 Gauteng
The role is responsible for the governance of Process Technical Training for Concentrators, Smelters, PMR, RBMR and Laboratories. The development and implementation of HRD policies, standards and procedures.  Oversight of Technical training knowledge and needs analysis role between HRD and operations.  Key technical specialist working together with Operational HRD personnel.
Senior Secretary HR: C2 Gauteng
To provide basic departmental secretarial services (stationery control, document management, SAP orders, travel and accommodation arrangements etc).  To provide a limited personal assistant role to departmental Head.
Ventilation Officer: C4 Union Mine Internal & External Limpopo
The Ventilation Officer is responsible for the maintenance of ventilation and occupational hygiene systems and to provide the immediate supervisor with information to ensure a safe and healthy work environment
Master Technician – Laboratory Automation Northern Cape
Open To Anglo American Employees

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