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Position Location Level / Salary Closes
Senior Lecturer (Anatomy and Developmental Biology) Clayton campus Level C ($116,737 - $134,606)
Maintain, develop and promote cross-disciplinary and inter-professional approaches to anatomy education, in an evidence-based manner.
Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layers - PhD Scholarship Clayton campus
Pursue a PhD project on computational modeling of turbulent boundary layers using Large Eddy Simulation (LES)
Academic Opportunities in Human Computer Interaction (FIT) Caulfield campus Level D ($140,565 - $154,853)
Be responsible for conducting and fostering excellence in research, teaching and mentoring, and professional activities.
Research Fellow (Multimodal Interfaces and Behaviour Analytics) Caulfield campus Level B ($95,297 - $113,166)
Research predicting user cognition and/or health status based on analysis of different modalities during naturally occurring activities.
Assistant Lecturer, Translation and Interpreting Studies Other, Clayton campus Level A ($66,706 - $90,532)
Make contributions to the teaching effort of the University and to carry out activities to develop and maintain scholarly research.
Research Fellow Clayton campus Level A ($66,706 - $90,532)
Conduct research, produce publications, and facilitate research workshops and synthesis activities with industry partners.
Financial Accountant Mulgrave HEW 7 ($85,538 - $93,819)
Provide professional accounting services including assisting with accounts preparation and audit process, handling enquiries, and providing accounting advice.
Senior Lecturer in Marketing, School of Business Monash Malaysia
Make significant contributions to all activities in the discipline through teaching, research and services.
Group Manager, Service Centres Clayton campus HEW10A ($141,012)
Be responsible for managing all aspects of IT support service delivery.
Pratt Foundation Chair of Jewish Civilisation and Director, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation Caulfield campus - A competitive remuneration package will apply
Be responsible for leading and coordinating the teaching and research activities of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation
Loti Smorgon Chair of Contemporary Jewish Life and Culture Caulfield campus - A competitive remuneration package will apply
Be responsible, in conjunction with the Director of the ACJC, for leading and coordinating research and teaching activities in the field of contemporary Jewish life and culture.
Program Coordinator, Careers Clayton campus HEW 7 ($85,538 - $93,819)
Provide a range of high-level project coordination and services to support the successful end-to-end delivery of Careers, Leadership & Volunteering programs.
Lecturer, Econometrics and Business Statistics Clayton campus Level B ($95,297 - $113,166)
Provide research support and access to a range of competitive grants and interdisciplinary research opportunities.
Senior Clinical Skills Trainer Other HEW 7 ($85,538 - $93,819)
Be responsible for coordinating the development, delivery and evaluation of training content for the Clinical Skill Program.
Research Fellow (Obesity) Clayton campus Level A ($66,706 - $90,532)
Explore the molecular mechanisms by which the CNS controls feeding, energy expenditure and glucose metabolism and how such processes are perturbed in obesity.
Research Services Manager Clayton campus HEW 9 ($112,265 - $119,163)
Be responsible for providing strategic advice on developing and operationalising the faculty's priorities for research and graduate research.
Traineeship - Indigenous Employment Advancement Program - Expression of Interest Clayton campus
Circulate through various sections to develop the skills and experience needed to support your employability upon your successful completion of the program.
Research Fellow (Liver Disease) Clayton campus Level A ($66,706 - $90,532)
Conduct research in the processes contributing to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and non-alcoholic hepatosteatosis (NASH) in obesity.
Training and Evaluation Senior Officer Clayton campus HEW 6 ($77,512 - $83,664)
Deliver and implement a range of educational resources, training modules, and face-to-face sessions.
Research Fellow, Computational Materials Physics / Condensed Matter Physics (ARC CoE FLEET) Clayton campus Level B ($95,297 - $113,166)
We are seeking an outstanding Research Fellow to join our FLEET team to conduct research in modelling the electronic properties of atomically thin topological insulator materials.

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