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Job No. 538743 Administrative Support Coordinator I Bakersfield
Working independently under general supervision of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Education, the Administrative Support Coordinator (ASC I) performs the full range of administrative and clerical functions for the Department of Sociology. The ASC I is the first point of contact for students, vendors, publishers, public, administrative staff, and student assistants for the Sociology department. When the department Chair and faculty are not available, the ASC I must independently exercise good judgment in resolving problems to expedite inquires. In addition, the ASC I coordinates and executes special projects, such as faculty searches and program reviews
Job No. 540878 Accounting Manager of Sponsored Programs Administration Bakersfield
The Accounting Manager for Sponsored Programs Administration, under administrative direction of the Director of Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting Services for Academic Affairs, provides leadership and daily oversight to the sponsored programs administration auxiliary accounting and reporting team, to ensure compliance with government, CSU system, university, and other rules, regulations, and policies. The incumbent will provide direct supervision and leadership to a team of professional staff.
Job No. 540808 Director of Counseling Center Bakersfield
The Counseling Center provides counseling and consultation services to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the university. The Center offers short-term counseling to help students with personal, academic, and career concerns. The primary goal of counseling is to help students develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems and to grow and develop in ways that will allow them to take advantage of the educational opportunities at the university. Under the administrative direction of the Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Student Affairs and Dean of Students for Student Integrity and Well-Being, the Director of the Counseling Center will provide direct supervision to the Counselor Faculty and assigned staff and provide overall administration and coordination of the Center’s goals and objectives. The Director will lead, collaborate, and advocate on behalf of the Center and will be responsible for the allocation of resources, program evaluation, staff evaluations, fiscal responsibility, and ensuring the mental health and well-being of the students at CSUB is a top priority. The Director will have a demonstrated ability to administer a comprehensive counseling program to meet the needs of a diverse community and deliver student-centered services and programs.
Job No. 540451 Athletics Compliance Specialist Bakersfield
Within the Department of Athletics, the Athletics Compliance office serves staff, coaches, and student-athletes. It is responsible for the organization and administration of the Athletics Department's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) compliance program. Under general supervision of the Senior Associate Athletics Director, the NCAA Athletics Compliance Specialist is responsible for analyzing and addressing any changes in NCAA bylaws and rules; ensuring accuracy and compliance with NCAA regulations in the processing of grant-in-aid agreement requests, revisions, renewals, and cancellations, monitoring of coaches' activities and interacting with departmental staff members and coaches to ensure compliance with NCAA rules and regulations. The position is responsible for conducting data entry/checks/reconciliation in multiple systems.
Job No. 540530 Head Athletic Trainer Bakersfield
Under the general direction of the Sr. Associate Athletics Director, the Head Athletic Trainer is responsible for the development, organization, and administration of the sports medicine program, including providing lead work direction to other trainers. When injuries occur, the Head Athletic Trainer serves as a first responder by recognizing and evaluating the injuries, and subsequently developing treatment and rehabilitation programs, incorporating the appropriate therapeutic modalities and use of rehabilitation and exercise equipment.
Job No. 539642 Instructional Support Technician I Bakersfield
The School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering’s (NSME) technical support staff play a critical role in supporting the School’s and CSUB’s mission, vision, and values. Under general supervision of the Dean of the School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, & Engineering, and with daily lead direction from the department chair for Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Instructional Support Technician I performs comprehensive support services for providing materials, supplies, equipment and related logistical support to a variety of lower and upper division laboratory courses in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Job No. 537954 Grants Analyst I / Fiscal Compliance Bakersfield
Under the general supervision of the Associate Vice President (AVP) for Grants, Research, and Sponsored programs, and with daily lead direction from the Senior Grants Analyst/Fiscal Compliance, the Grants Analyst I/Fiscal Compliance provides expertise for fiscal control, accounting, billing, financial reporting and administrative functions of individual grants and contracts awarded by Federal, State, and other agencies for the support of sponsored research, training, and public service programs. The incumbent monitors all grantrelated functions; ensures that expenses are allocable and in compliance with project scope and funding agency guidelines/policies; trains and instructs PIs/PDs and grant coordinators regarding post-award management and restricted funds monitoring; answers questions and guides grant coordinators and administrative staff regarding purchasing, travel, human resources, and participant costs to ensure accuracy and compliance with all relevant regulations. The Grants Analyst I/Fiscal Compliance attends training workshops for career development, participates in staff meetings, and contributes to the implementation of special projects as assigned.
Job No. 539655 Supervising HVAC Technician Bakersfield
Under general supervision of the Facilities Operations Manager, the Supervising Building Services Engineer is responsible for supervising and leading one or more small groups or crews of skilled and semi-skilled workers involving the installation, operations, maintenance, and repair of mechanical systems including heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, power, water, and sewer systems and equipment as it relates to HVAC and/or mechanical systems throughout campus. In addition, the Supervising Building Services Engineer plans and coordinates projects and installs, maintains, services, inspects and makes repairs to the mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital controls associated with HVAC and refrigeration equipment/systems and related building automation systems, either in a centralized plant or in decentralized centers across a college or university campus.
Job No. 539579 Simulation Center and Skills Lab Technician Bakersfield
The Simulation Center and Skills Lab Technician, under general supervision of the Nursing Department Chair, is an integral part of nursing education at CSU Bakersfield and is responsible for the technical operation of both simulation and medical equipment held within the skills lab and simulation center. Responsibilities involve programming simulators, ensuring simulation rooms are setup in line with planned programs, ensuring simulators are functioning fully and having an ability to undertake routine maintenance and repairs as instructed by manufacturers. Candidate must be prepared to undertake additional training in simulator maintenance due to evolving changes to simulators over time. The position serves as the primary resource of the day-to-day program operational needs, providing general support to faculty, maintaining contact with vendor and company representatives and ensuring purchasing needs and tracking.
Job No. 539386 NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA Repatriation Coordinator Bakersfield
Join CSUB in championing respect, integrity, and cultural sensitivity while honoring Native American heritage. As the NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA Repatriation Coordinator, you'll lead our efforts to comply with federal and state legislation, ensuring the respectful repatriation of Ancestors and cultural items. Contribute to fostering collaborative relationships with Native American Tribes, cultural preservation, and be part of a meaningful journey towards ethical stewardship and cultural heritage preservation.
Job No. 538315 Competitive Sports & Safety Programs Coordinator Bakersfield
The Department of Campus Recreation & Wellbeing provides optimal service in a safe and fun environment for the CSUB community to achieve physical and mental well-being, personal development, and life-long learning through innovative, student-funded, student-driven programs of fitness, sports, and wellness. Under the general supervision of the Campus Recreation & Wellbeing Director, the the Competitive Sports & Safety Coordinator oversees the comprehensive programming, student development, and safety management aspects for Intramural Sports program. Responsibilities include developing, implementing, and evaluating the Intramural Sports program, curating a diverse activities calendar, recruiting, and training staff, and collaborating with campus organizations for program enhancement. Additionally, the role entails supporting student staff through mentoring and training, addressing participant concerns, and conducting research for program innovation. Safety and risk management duties involve coordinating American Red Cross courses, maintaining emergency action plans, and ensuring equipment and facilities' safety. The Competitive Sports & Safety Programs Coordinator serves as a member of the Campus Recreation Leadership Team and provides direction to this group in the areas of Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, and Safety Programs based on safe operating practices, current industry trends, NIRSA standards and positive service methods.
Job No. 534749 Admin Analyst/Spclst 12 Mo Bakersfield
Great opportunity in the Department of Enrollment Systems & Academic Operations. The Curriculum Specialist works independently, and serves as the liaison between Academic Programs and the departments implementing curricular change. The incumbent will ensure all approved curriculum changes flow efficiently and accurately into the necessary systems for all end users. The incumbent accurately represents curriculum information in the University Catalog following policies and standards established through CSU Bakersfield, the CSU Chancellor's Office, and Title 5.
Job No. 534761 Research Analyst Bakersfield
The Research Analyst, under the general supervision of the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment, is responsible for collaborating with senior staff at IRPA for institutional data analysis, data quality, survey administration, and data visualization. The incumbent will undertake quantitative analysis of various institutional data related to enrollment and student success, execute research studies, interpret the data, and effectively disseminate the findings with university constituents in such a way that they will be useful for decision-making and institutional improvement. The incumbent will participate in data quality assurance and data integrity checking; create meaningful interpretations and presentation of research findings for reports; and support the AVP for organizing workflow system.
Job No. 527399 Psychiatrist Bakersfield
By working cooperatively and collaboratively with the Counseling Center Coordinator, staff, Counselor Faculty and, as needed, the Student Health Center Director, the Psychiatrist is responsible for providing general psychiatric care to CSUB students who experience mental health problems that may be managed by medication.

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