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Nutrition Educator (Post Rock District - NW Region - Osborne, Kansas) Other
The Extension Nutrition Program, within the College of Health & Human Sciences, is currently seeking a 12-month, 1.0 FTE Nutrition Educator. The Nutrition Educator serves to meet the Kansas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) mission of empowering low-income Kansans using evidence-based strategies to achieve healthy lives and reduce health disparities. Specific strategies include direct education in various settings, community-based projects to address policy, system, or environmental changes, and public health approaches to help children, families, and adults improve dietary quality and food resource management skills and increase physical activity. This position reports to the SNAP-Ed Regional Specialist.
Mechanical Design Engineer (Technology Development Institute) Manhattan, Kansas
The Technology Development Institute at Kansas State University seeks a Mechanical Design Engineer to design, build, and test products and machines for a variety of commercial industries. The primary responsibilities will be mechanical design engineering and project management.
Animal Technician I (Veterinary Health Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The Veterinary Health Center within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for an Animal Technician I. The purpose of this position is to have a more consistent performance of duties which are currently performed by a number of Student Animal Technicians who have inconsistent hours dictated by their class schedules. This position will interface with the other two Animal Technicians I & II as they finish their daily schedules and will provide coverage during evening and some weekend hours which currently have limited student coverage. This shift is for 3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Student Financial Aid Advisor Manhattan, Kansas
The Office of Student Financial Assistance is hiring for a Student Financial Aid Advisor to join their team. This position serves, on a day-to-day basis, as the primary contact for current as well as prospective students seeking guidance on how an individual may avail him/herself of some form of financial assistance in meeting the costs associated with an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or professional degree program at Kansas State University. In this manner, the position supports the Office of Student Financial Assistance’s mission of providing equitable access to available federal, state, and institutional forms of financial assistance.
Lead Campus Coordinator (Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance) Manhattan, Kansas
The College of Health and Human Sciences is seeking a Lead Campus Coordinator to join their team in the Great Plains IDEA organization. This position serves as the primary liaison for the Great Plains IDEA campus coordinators at the 19 member institutions and works as part of the lead institution team to manage operations of the Great Plains Idea consortium. Additionally, this role also serves as the campus coordinator for Kansas State University. The Lead Campus Coordinator works independently to solve student and fellow campus coordinator issues and has great influence regarding the practices and procedures of the campus coordinator group, working to set and achieve their three-year strategic plans. This position reports to the Great Plains IDEA Executive Director.
Maintenance and Repair Tech II Salina, Kansas
K-State Polytechnic seeks a dedicated Maintenance and Repair Technician II to provide general maintenance, repair services, and grounds keeping in a large university setting in order to keep the campus structurally sound, functional, and attractive for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
Animal Technician II Manhattan, Kansas
This position exists to provide complex care for dairy cattle, perform medical procedures, obstetrical and postnatal care of animals, some artificial insemination and milking. Also, maintenance and operation of farm equipment
Fellow (Post Doc) (Diagnostic Medicine / Pathobiology) Manhattan, Kansas
The Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Fellow (Post Doc.) The employee’s primary duty does require a high level of independent thinking, planning and executing the research and in developing research projects for generating research funding. In particular, this employee is required to plan research execution planning and follow and subsequently use the data in developing scientific peer-reviewed publications. All of these goals require considerable independent thinking and put together ideas in executable form.
Medical Resident - Exotics (Veterinary Health Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The Exotics, Wildlife and Zoological medicine residency at the Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University is a 2-year post-DVM clinical training program. Exposure to a variety of clinical case material and primary management of routine cases, emergency cases and referrals will enable the resident to become proficient in diagnostic and therapeutic methods in exotic pet clinical medicine. There will also be exposure to wildlife patients; the VHC provides veterinary services for a local AZA-accredited zoo https://www.sunsetzoo.com/ .
Senior Associate Athletics Director of Compliance (K-State Athletics) Manhattan, Kansas
SENIOR ASSOCIATE ATHLETICS DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE: Head of the Compliance Office, which includes this department’s budget oversight; liaison to NCAA, Big 12 Conference and University officials regarding interpretations, waivers, rules education, compliance system implementation and monitoring, and review of all alleged violations. Establishes regular rules education programs for athletic administrative staff, coaches, student-athletes, boosters and other representatives of KSU athletic interests. Senior administrator over multiple sport programs.
Human Capital Specialist I (Division of Biology) Manhattan, Kansas
The Division of Biology is seeking motivated applicants for a Human Capital Specialist I position. This team member will be responsible for coordinating and processing personnel appointments, position management, time and leave functions and providing administrative support to the Director, Associate Director and academic program personnel.
Laboratory Animal Tech I Manhattan, Kansas
The CMG mission is to provide animal husbandry and veterinary services for animals used in KSU’s research, teaching, and testing programs in accordance with (IAW) applicable laws, regulations, standards, guidelines, and university policy governing the care and use of laboratory animals at academic/research institutions. The duties of this position include performing routine daily animal husbandry for a wide variety of animal species (e.g.¸feeding, watering, cleaning stalls/pens/cages, waste disposal, sanitation/decontamination of facilities/equipment, etc.), animal handling/restraint/transport, general facility housekeeping/maintenance tasks, animal health monitoring/reporting, administering prescribed veterinary treatments (e.g., oral, topical, and/or injectable medications/drugs), assisting with anesthesia/surgical/necropsy procedures as required, and assisting with the research studies as required. This duty position is primarily allocated/assigned to the CMG’s Coles & Mosier Animal Facilities (Main), but incumbents may be temporarily detailed to perform similar tasks in other CMG supported animal facilities on the KSU Manhattan Campus as required (e.g., Large Animal Research Center (LARC), Justin Animal Facility, etc.) An employee filling this position is classified as an “ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEE”.
Verification Specialist Manhattan, Kansas
The Office of Student Financial Assistance is seeking a Verification Specialist to join their team. This position will be responsible for auditing specific fields on a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to verify accuracy and reviews various sources of documentation approved by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to verify data submitted on FAFSA that matches certain IRS documents.
Director, CMG, Attending Veterinarian Manhattan, Kansas
The University Attending Veterinarian and CMG Director has the primary responsibility for providing veterinary clinical care and research support for animal research/teaching activities in KSU animal research facilities. Directs the CMG staff in working with the URCO staff on research compliance matters dealing with the Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). May be appointed by the KSU Institutional Official (IO) to serve as a voting member of the IACUC and IBC committees. Works closely with Animal Facility Manager(s) to oversee daily operations in animal care. Provides training and guidance to research personnel on animal handling, experimental animal techniques/procedures, and animal biosafety level (e.g., ABSL-1, ABSL-2, & ABSL-3) practices and procedures as required. Has direct responsibility for ensuring that all veterinary clinical standards of care, laws, regulations and guidelines related to animal care and use and biosafety/biosecurity are met.
Assistant Director, NACADA Manhattan, Kansas
NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising based at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS is seeking an Assistant Director to direct several essential and strategic programs. Under the general guidance of the Senior Associate Director, the incumbent’s responsibilities include but are not limited to planning, administering, directing and managing all essential functions in order to produce successful international conferences; working collaboratively and collegially with other NACADA leaders, international members and institutions of higher education worldwide to support NACADA’s mission and strengthen the practice of academic advising globally; identifying, researching, pursuing and securing grants and other sources of financial support for NACADA strategic initiatives; administering and implementing grant and other funds to achieve NACADA objectives and develop international programs in support of academic advising and student success globally; and serving as the administrator, convener and liaison between international contacts and the NACADA advisory boards, committees and university groups vital to achieving global objectives.
Public Information Officer Manhattan, Kansas
NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising based at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS is seeking a Public Information Officer to manage several essential programs. Under the general guidance of the Senior Associate Director, the incumbent’s responsibilities include but are not limited to developing and leading distribution of association informational communications including promotion of NACADA conferences, institutes, events, publications and other resources through social media, a monthly electronic newsletter, weekly/as-needed all-member emails and updates, targeted marketing emails, media releases and advertisements, and other media.
Veterinary Nurse - Oncology (Veterinary Health Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The Veterinary Health Center within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Veterinary Nurse. This position will help maintain an efficient Oncology service by providing technical nursing and minor instructional skills as necessary to provide services in the Veterinary Health Center. A primary mission of the Hospital is to provide quality medical service for teaching, research and clients within the surrounding area. A team of quality, professional nurses in the Oncology Section is critical to providing services to support this mission. This position is also responsible for coordination of animal treatments; instruction training and supervise students and employees in approved treatment technique.
Senior Auditor Manhattan, Kansas
The Senior Auditor schedules, manages, and performs audit activities for multiple audit engagements effectively and efficiently and following the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
Student Success Technology Administrator Manhattan, Kansas
The Student Success Technology Administrator is responsible for leading the integration of technology tools to support excellence in academic advising and other student success initiatives. The person in this position will develop and coordinate a network of technology users (campaign working group, trainers, application administrators, referral network contacts, points of contact in various units, etc.). This role is designed to manage technology implementation, adoption, training, end user experience, and collect/share data insights with diverse stakeholders. Project management and collaboration skills are more important than technology skills, but the successful candidate will be conversant in how technology works and be able to translate functional area needs to vendors and technology support team members and teach end users to use technology effectively. This role demands vision and initiative, and the ability to work collaborative across functional areas at the university. The successful candidate will be able to articulate and contextualize the role of technology in our larger student success goals. This position reports to the Vice Provost for Student Success.
Pharmacist (Veterinary Health Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The Veterinary Health Center within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking a part-time (0.8 FTE) Pharmacist. This position will be the primary practicing pharmacist within the Veterinary Health Center Dispensary. It will be responsible to help maintain and assist in the directing of pharmacy-related services within the Veterinary Health Center.

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