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Position Location Level / Salary Closes
Senior Executive Domestic Recruitment & Development Main campus - Malaysia HEW 6
The position is responsible for attracting, converting, securing quality students from both within Malaysia and around the world to enrol in Monash University Malaysia. The ultimate aim is to achieve recruitment goals and foster significant future student flows for Monash University Malaysia.
Accounts Executive, Finance Main campus - Malaysia HEW 5
The Account Executive, Finance will be supporting the finance operations, specifically within the General Ledger function and assist in day-to-day AP operation.
Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science/Software Engineering), PAL Scheme Main campus - Malaysia Level A
The PAL scheme offered by the School of Information Technology provides outstanding candidates a career pathway to gain formal teaching experience, develop a research track record while completing a PhD study at Monash University Malaysia in one of the strategic research areas, and engage in a growing and vibrant university environment. Successful completion of the 4 year PAL scheme will equip the incumbent with skills, experience, and confidence to embark on a long term academic career.
Associate Professor (Computer Science/Software Engineering/AI) Main campus - Malaysia Level D
A Level D academic is expected to make a significant contribution to all activities of the organisational unit or interdisciplinary area and play a significant role within their profession or discipline. Academics at this level may be appointed in recognition of distinction in their disciplinary area.
Associate Head of School (Engagement) & Associate Professor/ Professor (Computer Science/Software Engineering/AI) Main campus - Malaysia Level E
The Associate Head of School (Engagement) (AHoSN) is responsible to the School of Information Technology and to the Malaysia Campus for the provision of leadership and management within the School in the area of student engagement, positive & progressive academic staff culture, as well as external engagement and impact.  The AHoSN will champion the engagement initiatives with current, past (alumni) and future students, in line with the School’s strategic plans to have long-term synergistic relationships with its student population. This also includes leading all industry, government and community relationships and initiatives. Working within Monash’s strategy framework to support key engagement objectives to build partnerships with individuals, government and other organisations, this position is to enrich our ability to innovate and apply our educational initiatives and/or research to make significant impact to our community, and to ensure outstanding enterprising capabilities and opportunities for students.  This position is a member of the School senior leadership team and is a contributor, in the area of specialisation, to the overall management of the School. This position will also chair the School’s Industry Advisory Panel. The incumbent will be appointed to level D (Associate Professor) or E (Professor) depending on his/her experience and qualifications.  Academics at this level may be appointed in recognition of distinction in their disciplinary area.
Research Fellow - Chemical Engineering Main campus - Malaysia Level B
We are looking for postdoctoral research fellows with research experience in the area of oil and fats processing, or microalgal biorefinery. Candidates with strong relevant experimental and analytical skills, as well as experience in process design and pilot plant operation are desirable. Candidate must be self-motivated, resourceful, and be able to manage a project under minimum supervision.
Lecturer (Financial Management) Main campus - Malaysia Level B
The appointed academic will contribute to the development and delivery of the second- and third-year finance units. It is expected that the candidate has a strong track record in teaching Financial Management related units and well-experienced in collaborating with the relevant stakeholders in the financial markets.
Associate Professor, Medical Education & Assessment Main campus - Malaysia Level D
As an Associate Professor of Medical Education and Assessment at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the incumbent will be an integral part of our dynamic team, dedicated to advancing assessment, medical education and training. The incumbent will play a pivotal role in preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals, shaping the curriculum, and contributing to research and innovation in medical education an assessment.
Lecturer (Computer Science/Software Engineering/AI/Data Science) Main campus - Malaysia Level B
A Level B academic is expected to make contributions to the teaching effort of the university and to carry out activities to maintain and develop her/his scholarly, research and/or professional activities relevant to the profession or discipline.
Senior Education Designer Main campus - Malaysia HEW 8
The Education Excellence unit leads the university’s education strategies and goals and supports educators to engage in transformative learning and teaching practices. The purpose of this role is to provide specialist educational design services and drive the adoption of contemporary educational approaches at Monash Malaysia.
Senior Lecturer (Practice) Johor Bahru campus - Malaysia Level C
A Level C academic is expected to make significant contributions to the teaching effort of a discipline, school, faculty or other organisational unit or an interdisciplinary area. An academic at this level is also expected to play a major role in scholarship, research and/or professional activities. This position is based at Clinical School Johor Bahru. Candidates applying for this position should ideally have a strong background in Emergency Medicine, possibly holding relevant certifications and qualifications in the field. Additionally, a demonstrated interest or experience in simulation techniques.
Teaching Fellow (Computer Science, Data Science, AI) Main campus - Malaysia Level B
The Teaching Fellow position (80%T, 0%R, 20%S) offered by the School of Information Technology provides candidates who are passionate about teaching with a rewarding career pathway to enhance on formal teaching experience at Monash University Malaysia, and engage in a growing and vibrant university environment.