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Police Lieutenant (MPP/Administrator II) - University Police Department

Apply now Job no: 503265
Work type: Management (MPP)
Location: San Francisco
Categories: MPP, Administrative, At-Will, Full Time

Working Title

Police Lieutenant (MPP/Administrator II) - University Police Department

Administrator Level (for MPP positions only)

This position is an MPP/Administrator II position in the California State University Management Personnel Plan (MPP), reporting to the Deputy Chief.

SF State University

San Francisco State is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, color, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, medical condition, National origin, sex, sexual orientation, covered veteran status, or any other protected status.  Reasonable accommodations will be provided for qualified applicants with disabilities who self-disclose by contacting the Senior Human Resources Manager.

Applicants may visit for more information on SF State's policy prohibiting discrimination, and how to file an online report using the procedures under Executive Order 1096 Revised. Inquiries can be directed to the campus Title IX Coordinator and Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Administrator by calling (415) 338-2032 or emailing

San Francisco State is a 100% Smoke/Vapor-Free Campus.  Smoking or Vaping of any tobacco/plant-based substance is not permitted on any University properties.

The person holding this position may be considered a "mandated reporter" under the California Child Abuse and Neglect  Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.

This position may be a "designated position" in the California State University's Conflict of Interest Code.  The successful candidate accepting this position may be required to file Conflict of Interest forms subject to the regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission.


University Police Department

The University Police Department (UPD) is comprised of the Operations Division and Support Services Division that collectively provide twenty-four hours per day, year-round, professional police and security services to the campus community, ensuring for a safe and professional environment.

Appointment Type


Time Base


Work Schedule

Schedule to be arraigned by supervisor.

Anticipated Hiring Range

$10,500.00 - $11,750.00 per month ($126,000.00 - $141,000.00 annually)

Salary is commensurate with experience.

Position Summary

Reporting administratively through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM), the Division of Campus Safety (DCS) is comprised of Parking and Transportation and the University Police Department (UPD). The UPD is comprised of the Field Operations Division, Services Division, and Special Operations Division that collectively provide twenty‐four hours per day, year‐round professional police and security services to the campus community, ensuring for a safe and professional environment.

Under the general supervision of the Deputy Chief, the Police Lieutenant will provide leadership, management, administrative support, and motivation to one of the divisions that comprise UPD. The Police Lieutenant will typically supervise a group of Police Sergeants, Police Officers, Support Personnel, Units, and Programs. The Lieutenant will also serve as the liaison with all external public safety agencies and assist with media relations as the Public Information Officer as directed by the Deputy Chief or the Chief of Police.

All Lieutenants will assume the role of Duty Official on a rotational basis for a scheduled period of time. The Duty Official shall act as the first line of managerial notification for DCS personnel when a manager is not on duty regardless of divisional responsibility. The Duty Official shall assist staff by providing guidance and support as well as make the necessary notifications for the incident, issue, or concern to the Deputy Chief of Police or their designee. In the absence of the Deputy Chief or designee, the notification shall be made to the Chief of Police or their designee.

The Duty Official will also be responsible for any public safety notifications such as but not limited to a Clery notifications. The Duty Official will also monitor public safety applications for real time information regarding incidents in and around the SFSU campus community.

All Lieutenants will follow the chain of command model and report directly to their immediate supervisor/manager, the Deputy Chief of Police. In the absence of the Deputy Chief of Police or their designee, the Lieutenant will report to the Chief of Police or their designee.

Although the position of Lieutenant is managerial in nature, the overarching responsibility is to ensure a safe environment to all students, faculty, staff, visitors, travelers, and residence of the SFSU Community through the preservation of life and property.

Position Information

Lieutenant‐ Field Operations Division

The Lieutenant overseeing the Field Operations Division is responsible for all uniformed patrol related functions of the Police Department and all uniformed non‐sworn personnel (CSS) assigned to support the Division of Campus Safety. CSS are assigned to but not limited to Parking and Transportation services, Library services, Downtown Center, and Main Campus General Security. The Field Operation’s main charge is the preservation of life and property in and around the SFSU Campus Community. 

Lieutenant‐ Services Division

The Lieutenant overseeing the Services Division is responsible for the following units: Records, Communications,
Property and Evidence, Investigations, Professional Development, Information Technology, and Community Liaison.
Below is only a summary of each unit’s role and responsibility and is not limited to the below listed.

The Records Unit maintains and manages departmental records and reports. The Records Supervisor assumes the role of custodian of records for the department. The Communications Unit is responsible for dispatching all radio communication between DCS staff, call taking, and 911 communications. The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for all property and evidence booked into the University Police Department’s evidence room. The Investigations Unit is responsible for criminal investigations, rebooking of crimes, liaison to the SF District Attorney’s Office, and administrative reporting to on campus entities. The Professional Development Unit is responsible for the ongoing training for sworn staff, administrative duties and record keeping associated with the training, general recruitment for open positions, and retention efforts of current staff. The Information Technology Unit is responsible for but not limited to all IT related issues involving hardware and software, radio communications and telecommunications equipment, 911 system, and mobile computing. The Community Liaison Unit is responsible for the supervision and execution of community related events, meetings, and external communications such as social media and print material.

Lieutenant‐ Special Operations Division

The Lieutenant overseeing the Special Operations Division is responsible for the Housing Unit and the following programs: Special Events, Compliance, Internal, Student, Inventory Support, and Special Projects. The Lieutenant will also serve as DCS liaison to on campus committees such as the Safety Committee and others as assigned by the Deputy Chief or Chief. The Lieutenant will attend required meetings for all program‐based assignments.

The Housing Unit is responsible for general law enforcement and security related services within the residential properties of SFSU. Additionally, the Housing Unit will serve as representatives for the department for housing related activities, meetings, and committees or workgroups. The Housing Unit will be responsible for quality of life issues in addition to enforcement of city, state, and federal laws and regulations. The Housing Unit will be comprised of sworn and non‐sworn uniformed personnel to be determined by current staffing levels.

The Special Events Program encompasses all external special events outside of the Division of Campus Safety. The Lieutenant will provide oversight for security related matters and provide recommendations for entities hosting events on campus. The Lieutenant will liaison with on campus special event planners to provide support and guidance as needed. The Lieutenant will ensure pre and post planning is complete and services provided have been evaluated. The Lieutenant will also oversee internal (DCS) special events as directed by the Chief of Police. The Lieutenant will oversee the staffing of events and ensure appropriate staffing levels are met.

The Compliance Program consist of Accreditation (IACLEA), Division of Campus Safety Clery Liaison, Policy, Internal and External Audits. The Lieutenant will act as the manager and oversee the accreditation process with the selected accreditation entity. The Lieutenant will ensure that the Division of Campus Safety complies with the process and works towards accreditation in the prescribed time frame. The Lieutenant will also serve as the liaison for the Division of Campus Safety and support the Clery Coordinator in their Clery responsibilities and mandates. The Lieutenant will ensure policies and procedures are up to date and comply with any legal mandates or case laws. The Lieutenant will ensure the accuracy and relevance of all policies and complete required administrative changes. The Lieutenant will oversee the transition from the current policy to Lexipol. The Lieutenant will assist and complete any internal (SFSU Related) required audits either requested by the Chief of Police, SFSU representatives, or the CSU Chancellor’s Office. The Lieutenant will also assist and complete any externally requested audits such as but not limited to the request from local, state, or federal authorities. The Lieutenant will oversee the Body Worn Camera (BWC) program and will ensure operational equipment and updated software, manage contractual agreements and negotiations, conduct random audits of footage to ensure compliance with current policies and procedures. The Lieutenant will maintain accurate records of equipment, training, and audits.

The Student Programs consist of student based internal programs associated with the Division of Campus Safety. The programs consist of but are not limited to the Student CSO program, Safety Escort Program (formerly known as CARE), student internships, and other miscellaneous student programs not assigned. The Lieutenant will oversee all aspects of these programs to ensure student support and success. The Lieutenant will provide mentorship and guidance to the students.

The Internal Programs consist of DCS based internal programs which support the operation of the DCS and/or the CSU system. The Lieutenant will oversee all internal programs and ensure the functionality and operational readiness of each program. The Lieutenant will ensure training standards and compliance are met in a timely manner. The Lieutenant will ensure all related equipment is serviced, ready for deployment, relevant, and properly maintained. The Lieutenant will be accountable for all equipment assigned to the programs and have readily accessible records for such equipment. The Internal Programs are not full‐time assignments and are collateral assignments and duties. The Motor Program consist of all gas powered motorized two wheeled vehicles such as but not limited to the dual‐purpose motorcycles and patrol motorcycles (Harley Davidson and Kawasaki). The Bicycle Programs consist of the manually or battery powered two when bicycles for both sworn and non‐sworn personnel. The Critical Response Unit (CRU) is a system‐wide response team to be deployed at the request of the Chancellor’s Office or CSUPD Chiefs of Police. The Finger Print Program is a service provided to the general public for fingerprinting services through the use of electronic submissions and physical card printing. The current fingerprint system is known as Live Scan. The Lieutenant will ensure that services are provided to fingerprint applicants through adequate staffing, functioning equipment, and accurate record keeping. The Lieutenant will also liaison with equipment vendors, CADOJ, and SFPD in regards to the electronic equipment. The Lieutenant will liaison with SFSU Human Resources and other relevant SFSU entities to provide applicable records returns within the scope of DOJ guidelines.

The Inventory Support Program consist of the Vehicle Maintenance Program and Quarter Master. The Vehicle Maintenance Program or Vehicle Maintenance Officer (VMO) is responsible for the maintenance, care, operational readiness, records, and deployment/assignments. The purchase and set up of new vehicles may be assigned to the Lieutenant at the discretion of the Chief of Police. The Quarter Master oversees the distribution of equipment, supplies, and uniforms to all DCS personnel. The Quarter Master will ensure appropriate inventory levels of frequently used equipment such as but not limited to personal protective equipment (PPE), flares, evidence packaging supplies, and physical forms. Equipment which requires a qualification or demonstration of proficiency shall fall within the responsibility of the instructor/evaluator or their division commander. Examples may be but are not limited to firearms and ammunition, Tasers, and pepper spray/OC.

The Lieutenant will be the DCS representative for external SFSU related committees, teams, workgroups, or cohorts. Such examples may be but are not limited to Campus Safety Committee and new construction safety related committees (cameras, emergency phones, alarms). The Lieutenant will attend non‐SFSU related meetings as designated by the Deputy Chief or the Chief of Police such as but not limited to local law enforcement executive meetings.

The Lieutenant will oversee any special projects as assigned by the Deputy Chief or the Chief of Police. An example may be but is not limited to is the scheduling software development.

The Lieutenant will also play a role in ensuring the University’s compliance with Title IX, Violence Against Women Act/Campus Save Act and related legislation.

The Lieutenant will maintain regular contact and interaction with appropriate law enforcement and public safety organizations at the local, state and federal levels. Additionally, the Lieutenant will leverage professional relationships to identify and recommend best practices that strengthen UPD’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. The Lieutenant will assume the role of the Captain/Deputy Chief in his absence and will also be expected to assume command of UPD in the absence of the Chief of Police.

Professional Behavior
Demonstrate behaviors that are in line with the User Friendly Principles (P530C)
Demonstrates Principles of Conduct for a Multi‐Cultural University (P30D)‐conduct‐multi‐culturaluniversity
Demonstrate safe work practices for oneself, others and the office environment.
Other Duties as Assigned
The Lieutenant will perform other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chief of Police.}

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree highly preferred. Degree may be substituted with 4 or more years of police management experience.
  • Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Intermediate Certificate or higher, and five or more years of law enforcement experience.
  • Four years of progressive law enforcement leadership experience, including but not limited to Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Corporal.
  • Valid California Driver’s License and possession of a satisfactory driving record.
  • Must possess (or qualify to possess) a POST Supervisory Certificate and qualify for a POST Management Certificate within two years of appointment.
  • Thorough knowledge and ability to interpret and accurately apply current law enforcement methods, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, laws, investigative techniques and procedures.
  • Knowledge of community policing programs, public safety procedures and emergency response planning.
  • Familiarity with collective bargaining and administrative corrective action as appropriate in a union environment.
  • Ability to perform all duties in a professional, competent, and courteous manner, exercising independent judgment and sound decision making skills.
  • Ability to handle all duties with accuracy, timeliness, and trust.
  • Ability to plan, organize, multi‐task, and prioritize work to meet deadlines.
  • Possess strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), Incident Command System (ICS) guidelines, and general emergency preparedness practices.
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple entities to plan and accomplish objectives, and coordinate ongoing multiple, large and complex projects from conception to completion.
  • Ability to lead, direct, supervise, motivate and inspire others; measure the performance of people, teams and organizations, and assess performance and progress.
  • Ability to interact effectively with members of UPD and public in stressful situations.
  • Ability to operate in an environment that requires discretion and confidentiality.
  • Must be able to competently interact with a culturally and ethnically diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and campus community.
  • Must possess outstanding interpersonal skills and work well with others.
  • Must be technology savvy, and proficient with Windows platform, word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Six or more years of law enforcement experience.
  • Possession of a current POST Management Certificate and at least 60 units of college.
  • Five or more years of leadership experience, including but not limited to Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Field Training Officer, or team leader.
  • Two or more years of active law enforcement experience in a college or university setting.
  • Experience with media relations or as a Public Information Officer.
  • Possession of an Emergency Management Certificate or prior supervisory experience of an emergency management program.
  • Knowledge and ability to apply the principles, practices and procedures of modern public safety administration, organization and operation. This includes: patrol procedures; criminal investigations; emergency response planning; major incident command and management; crime prevention; community policing strategies; traffic safety, as well as a working knowledge of federal, state and local laws, policies and regulations governing law enforcement in general and public safety within an academic environment specifically.
  • Ability to lead effectively and courageously by exhibiting high levels of ethics and professionalism in their daily actions and addressing difficult issues in a timely manner.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in written form, including reports, memorandums, business correspondence, procedural manuals, budget documents and press releases.
  • Demonstrated skill in verbal communication, including the ability to present information and respond to questions from employees, managers, customers, and the general public in both small and large group settings.
  • Ability to engage in creative problem‐solving efforts as applicable to public safety management concerns. Demonstrated skill in defining problems, collecting data, establishing facts and drawing valid conclusions from interpreting an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form while dealing with multiple abstract and concrete variables.

Pre-Employment Requirements

This position requires the successful completion of a background check.

Eligibility to Work

Applicants must be able to provide proof of US Citizenship or authorization to work in the United States, within three business days from their date of hire.


Threaded through our Total Compensation package is a commitment to Bridging Life's Transitions.  SF State is committed to providing our employees with a comprehensive program that rewards efforts that are appreciated by your colleagues, students and the customers we serve.

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Pension, 401k, Healthcare Savings Account, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Vacation and Sick Leave as well as State Holidays and a dynamic Fee Waiver program, all geared towards the University's commitment to attract, motivate and retain our employee.

CSUEU Position

Eligible and qualified on-campus applicants, currently in bargaining units 2, 5, 7, and 9 are given hiring preference.

Additional Information


The Human Resources office is open Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and can be reached at (415) 338-1872.

Please note that this position, position requirements, application deadline and/or any other component of this position is subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Advertised: Pacific Daylight Time
Applications close: Pacific Daylight Time

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